Kaley has been my private yoga instructor and wellness coach for 10 months, and in this short time she has undoubtedly shifted my perspective and overall way of being. She has a graceful way of guiding me in a positive and powerful way, both on and off my yoga mat. She is wise beyond her years and always encourages me to move inward for the answers, instead of giving them to me. Kaley helped me build a connection to my breath, body and spirit, that I know I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
— Karen Tsai, Surgeon

When I went through my 200 hour power yoga teacher training I became a certified yoga instructor... but I didn’t feel like one. It wasn’t until I began my 50 hour extension program a few weeks later that the puzzle pieces began to fit together. It genuinely had everything to do with the fact that Kaley was my facilitator, and on a more personal level, my mentor. I was a part of a small group that was lucky enough to receive guidance and wisdom from Kaley. She not only has an astounding amount of experience under her belt, but she has a natural intuition in understanding how to connect with, and teach individuals. She knew how to provide each of us with different tools that would build upon our own way of teaching and encouraged us to find our own voice. But the most impactful aspect of Kaley’s teaching, in my opinion, is the way that she was able to help us figure out our own mental blocks and how to get past them. While these ideas pertained to teaching yoga, the ideas and answers that she cultivated in the studio bled into my everyday life and ultimately made me feel more blessed, less stressed, and all around a more complete, content, and confident person. So thank you Kaley, from the bottom of my heart and through my entire soul. You revolutionized my outlook on the world and brought so much peace and balance into my life. I will carry your teachings with me wherever I go, and I honestly strive to be a better person because of them.
— Katherine Putt, Yoga Teacher

Kaley was the lead instructor for my Yoga Teacher Training. Besides her expansive yoga knowledge and years of experience, she has a way to bring the best out of everyone and has the amazing ability to recognize the hidden strength in all of her students. Through her lectures, I have recognized the truest reasoning behind my yogic journey and the value of voice. Every lecture, was meaningful and I walked away with many valuable assets that I can utilize for the rest of my instructing career and for my own practice. I am forever grateful.
— Jeni Shibata, Hawaiian Airlines Pilot, Yoga Instructor

Kaley Klasson is one of a kind. Kaley is an outstanding yoga instructor and a wonderful person of pure integrity. I had the privilege to take her classes in 2016-2017 while she was based in Hawaii and every class was truly amazing. Kaley’s teaching style resonates deeply with the yoga practice of wellbeing. Every class she taught was extremely well designed, well thought through, and challenging; and every word was spoken with wisdom and intention. Ultimately, yoga is not about long handstands and loose hamstrings, it is about awareness. Kaley has taken my yoga practice to another lever and I am forever grateful for her teaching.
— Uliana Kostreva, Nurse, Yoga Instructor

I learned so much about myself after 45 hours of yoga coaching with Kaley. I emerged refreshed, renewed and balanced. Kaley, so wise for her age, inspirational, grounded and connected; carries all of these qualities into her teachings. To unwavering authenticity she adds light, ease and grace to create the most enlightening, enriching and fulfilling yoga class. You will always feel, as Kaley says. “Happy, whole and complete,” after practicing with her. Thank you Kaley, for sharing your knowledge and light.
— Thea Koshman, Attorney, Yoga Instructor